Cafe Estate is a revolutionary venture launched for dealing in real estate and properties. It accomplishes complete real estate requirements. They undertake market research for their clients regarding sale/ purchase, loans, land clearance etc. They provide real estate market analysis report. They also undertake property management like resale, renting, care taking of property, interior designing and construction-related work is managed. They provide property evaluation, property registration services, and home loan advice.


Our client Cafe Estate deals in the whole range of services related to real estate and property. Because of government policies and other issues, real estate business saw a huge slump in their business. They wanted to regain from this slump and took our help to revive their business. We undertook SEO for their website and helped to grow their business. We undertook their on-site, off-site promotion and did local SEO.


We helped them to find some new clients through their website which ultimately helped them to revive their business after the market slump.