CV Mantra is an India based specialized web portal, where the job seekers and employers/recruiters meet with each other. It wants to help job seekers to follow the new online revolution in job searching. The aim of the CV Mantra is to become the first choice for both job seekers and recruiters for job searching and recruiting respectively.


Our client CV Mantra wanted to target students, job seekers, recruiters, and employers. He picked our content marketing service. We write blog content for his blog and publish as well. He deals with recruiting industry and we have to write content that could attract targeted visitors. We follow all SEO rules, use long tail keywords with targeted keywords and consider readability guidelines as well.


Our client noticed 300 percentage traffic increased through organic search from the initial stage. He also got a number of qualified lead through our content marketing service. Our content writing and marketing service much helped him to target prospective clients. We helped him to double his subscriber number through regular blog posts and promotion.